Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Delay staffers attempted to help controversial lobbyist. (2005). Retrieved Nov. 09, 2005, from Web site:

Friday, November 04, 2005

My citations.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Rep. Tom DeLay's staff tried to help lobbyist Jack Abramoff win access to Interior Secretary Gale Norton, an effort that succeeded after Abramoff's Indian tribe clients began funneling a quarter-million dollars to an environmental group founded by Norton.

Delay staffers attempted to help controversial lobyist. (2005). Retrieved Nov. 04, 2005, from Web site:


I. Introduction
a. Tom Delay Background.
b. Tom Delay Accused.
II. Guilt
a. What Democrats think.
b. What the media thinks.
c. What the prosecution thinks.
a. What the Repulicans think.
b.What conservative blogs think.
c. What the defence thinks.
a. The evidence from the prosecution.
b. The evidence from the defence.
c. My opinions.
V. Conclusion

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Research into Tom Delay

My research into whether or not Tom Delay really stole all that campaign money isn’t going too well. To make matters worse is that the original indictment has been dropped. The right kind of information is that I’m theorizing that some democrats who are angered that Congress has a majority filled with republicans want to make false information against Delay so that they can take back their majorities in both the House and the Senate. Or, maybe Ronnie Earle, the guy that first brought up the charges against Delay, wants to sue him for the alleged theft and money laundering that he’s under fire with. And this is where the hardest part of the research at last comes in. This is the part where you e-mail all the other people who have their opinions on a particular issue. I may have to email other republican congressmen. They most likely will be on Delay’s side; in other words, they will most likely support him. This is the part that I like, but I find controversial. For one thing, you have to go to extreme measures to find out things. And for another, you should not have to interrupt any famous people from their rather busy schedules. So I don’t mind things like this, but I find it so strange. I guess now I’m ready to start writing research down.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Did Tom Delay really steal all that money?

As you may know, if you've been watching the news, Congressman Tom Delay is charged with stealing a whole lot of money. And that's something I don't think he did. I think that an entire bunch of left-wing liberal democratic wheenies in Congress did it and then used Delay's name to cover up the crime. It may be that they are upset that Congress has a majority of conservative republicans in both the house and the senate. I am convinced that this is the case.
Yesterday, I leaked what primary, main and secondary sources are. Now at the moment, I think I'll have to email Delay's fellow republican congressmen, since they are on his side. I may also wish to email the people investigating the case, since it's them that leaked the information that has pressed these charges. A secondary source that I may have is Fox News. Because a huge majority of its newscasters are republican (with the exception of Alan Colmes.) they most likely support Delay and are hoping that he is aquitted. I'm also ready to trust my fellow bloggers, in hopes of finding wherever or not suggestions that there's a cover-up. So, good day, gentlemen.

Monday, October 31, 2005

My blog's sources

The main source that I use in my blog is Fox News. I chose this as my source because they have real journalism that is first, fair, balanced and unafraid as always. They also have helped expose the corrupt practices in the other news channels and all the newspapers. Sure, they may make stories that aren't true from time to time. But they know that the public isn't going to believe them at all on those stories.
Any secondary source that I may use are my fellow blogs. Why's that? A blog, like Fox News can also expose the "Dan Rathers" of this year if there are tales that are inacurate/forgeries. The facts are straight: We need a media that's accurate and never lying. And a blog can become that media.
Now for the primary source. Yes, it may be rediculous, but this isn't the main source. The primary source is when the news comes directly to you. This has never happened to me before unless it's breaking news. That's why I'm trusting adults to send me news when I hear about it. Then I'll decide on whether to believe it or not. Now I, being a 15-year-old, do not care if the democrats are in the news. All I care about is that they want to spread their idiocy to cause people to elect them every 4-2 years so that they make this nation vulnerable to the terrorists who want to try and kill us all. That's why I'll use what I already know as my primary source.
Well, that's all what I have for my blog. When I see my next story, I'll blog it. And I'll also see that all news agencies who oppose George Bush suffer all the time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The growing Bird Flu threat

It just keeps gettng worse every day if you are in Asia or Europe. And this blogger means worse.
There are now a lot of bird flu cases on those two continents. It appears that the flu isn't getting weaker. And more people are dying now as I type this article.
Why isn't the H5N1 virus not weakening? Why does it just get stronger? It appears that the virus is mutating once again. That's what's having the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) very concerned.
The officials at both organizations are concerned because the virus could become a form that can be transmitted from human to human; much like the SARS virus that first appeared in 2002. It appears that this could be the next pandemic worldwide. If you know about the bird flu, you may know the first major avian flu outbreak (that's what the news agencies call it.) broke out in 1997, when poultry in Hong Kong began dying of it. This was published in a CDC report that is now optomistic on the idea of a vaccine that can cure and protect people from it.
Yet, a vaccine must be made once the pandemic becomes real. Why? Because if the vaccine got made now, it would be weekened once the pandemic becomes a reality. That's another thing that has health officials concerned. If it was made in a late time, hundreds may already be dead. Speaking of that I wonder now if this is like a biological warfare of some sort. Of course I don't have time to think about that now. All I can do is to hope that this virus is stopped now before it's too late. I also wish to citate the CDC for reading the report mentioned in this article.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Will there be a fortunate event for Lemony Snicket?

After the top agent of the mysterious VFD unleashed his twelth book, it seems that he has come into another tale of grief, misery and woe.
If you are still searching for the mysterious 'Nameless Novel', you're in bad luck. For Lemony Snicket, author of the best-selling (drat!) book series 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', has unleashed the series' twelth book. Its title: 'The Penultimate Peril'. And once again, the Baudelaires encounter more despair in a hotel in the same city in which their misery began.
It just seems that Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire never get any rest. In the first book-'The Bad Begining'-their story begins when they are told that their parents died in a fire that burned down their entire home. Now they are trying to protect their enormous fortune and prevent any future tragedies from happening. For their arch-nemisis, Count Olaf, is the one to blame for these unfortunate events.
Since the people originally thought that the Baudelaires were commiting these horrible acts, they now know that Olaf himself is behind these attacks. A Watergate-sized credibility gap has emerged and the city is most likely now engulfed in a raging cycle of violence and reprisal.
Why doesn't the top agent at VFD (the secret organization that's waging this war.) get any rest? Will this series end happily ever after? Only Mr. Snicket (in real life, crime/horror writer Daniel Handler.) knows. You, on the other hand, may find a more happier book to read instead of his tales that can make one's spirit feel damp. Now who is behind you now?